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[audio]YOBEL WEENEL - Deto Soc Umy Oty - G O D
An unreleased album recorded in 2011,and finally released to this blog.Also the hard copy is included if you order the Yobel Weenel/Bloodponies split (see below) A great set of instrumentals ,bass,guitar,keys,drums ,made by a 48 ,14,and 11 year old. Truly unclassifiable ,except to say,Zombie rock!This trio is slated to play St.Pete Noisefest 6 ,next year sometime.Let's hope that happens ,for the good of all noise-kind.This is like their 5th or 6th release,I think...
Keywords: yobel weenel; zombies; instrumentals; weird; experimental; avant-garde; st.pete noisefest; videos; bloodponies; sluggisha.blogspot.com
Downloads: 120
From Frank Goshit ,who is the one-man band ,Bertha's Melissa , a doomy keyboard sound ,with added crinkly static noises ,to annoy you a little bit more ,on his 3 songs. The one track from Cokcute is lo-fi harsh shitnoise ,like running a static radio through a p.a. system ,blaring it ,and recording it from a boombox placed precariously, inside a beaten-up ,old-school ,metal trash can. In other words , this disc adds up to 25 minutes of wallowing in the shitcore mire funtime!! On Absurd Koo ,relea...
Keywords: absurd koo; bertha's melissa; canada; cokcute; doomy; frank goshit; keyboards; limited edition; lo-fi; noise; shitcore; split; static; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 38
[audio]NACHO KNEES !! - G O D
The debut of a new band ,featuring Jake ,most famous for his band ,Seasonal Men's Wear ,but active in several other outfits ,and Mix Master Toilet Wig , back in action after being freeze-dried for over 24 years! Jake handles the vocal duties on all but 2 tracks, Food Fortunata lends his instantly recognizable voice to ,"New Year's Eve" , while G O D sings on the devolved destruction of a Bowie song ,re-tooled here as ,"Shitty Starbucks"...
Keywords: dance; david bowie; food fortunata; G O D; jake; mix master toilet wig; nacho knees; plunderphonics; porno; soundtrack; tardcore; techno; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 17
[texts]BACONAISSE-SHILTH split cdr - G O D
part of a 7 cd box set,BACONAISSE and 7 other bands did 1 hour split cdrs. collect them all!go to http://sluggisha.blogspot.com ,for all the details!
A song from each of these fellas ,and their one-man shitcore bands! Spiritual Chicken is Frank Goshit ,of Canada ,sounding much like a demented gypsy ,if she was a chicken on acid.I think I can detect some large bells or chimes ,bonging on some of this track ,a piece that will do almost nothing to relax you ,my friend! Dylan ,Florida's favorite shitcore son , is Hell Garbage ,and this time he goes acoustic ,with a song that has little to nothing to do with cous cous.Both tracks clock in at aroun...
Keywords: ACOUSTIC; canada; chicken; dylan houser; florida; frank goshit; gypsy; hell garbage; noise; shitcore; spiritual chicken; split; tardcore; sluggisha.blogspot.com
Downloads: 40
[audio]CRUCIAL FICTION + bonus! MYOPIA!! - G O D
squeaky's free,and this comes to sluggisha from the vaults on the same day!another of tony's solo outings,made over the course of a few years,this is more lo-fi,lots of uncredited covers,lots of alternate and different interpretations of several myopia tunes,and there are bonus myopia tracks at the end,along with art and the original track listings,by tony.reminds me slightly of matty luv's(r.i.p.),of hickey and f- boyz fame,solo project called,"yogurt",a few tapes of which can be found at:cosmi...
Keywords: crucial fiction; f-boyz; hickey; lo-fi; matty luv; myopia; tony rizzo; yogurt; sluggisha.blogspot.com
Downloads: 26
[audio]LATE NIGHT WITH THE FUCK TWINS - Podcast #2 - President Draike Dinzz Memorial Episode - G O D
Spaceship Andy (Washington) ,and John Kaagootaabaa (North Carolina) in the second episode of their Late Night with the Fuck Twins podcast! Check it out, Andy and John discuss topics such as Oprah's buttocks, and their special guest, the next President, performs his favorite Talking Heads songs. Enjoy
Keywords: fuck twins; john; kaagootaabaa; late night; north carolina; oprah; podcast; president draike dinzz; spaceship andy; talk shows; washington; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 46
part of a 7 cd box set,BACONAISSE and 7 other bands did 1 hour split cdrs. collect them all!go to http://sluggisha.blogspot.com ,for all the details!
[texts]BACONAISSE - ( 0 ) split cdr - G O D
part of a 7 cd box set,BACONAISSE and 7 other bands did 1 hour split cdrs. collect them all!go to http://sluggisha.blogspot.com ,for all the details!
Downloads: 1
part of a 7 cd box set,BACONAISSE and 7 other bands did 1 hour split cdrs. collect them all!go to http://sluggisha.blogspot.com ,for all the details!
Downloads: 2
This guy, out of New Orleans , LA ,had a great zine (looks like he started a website,but ? http://quickdummies.com/ ) ,and did awesome flyers for headliners,as well as local bands. The above is just a sample ,the rest are in a zip file below ,in PDF format! I'll get a few of his zines up soon.
Keywords: art; flyers; little stevie what; louisiana; new orleans; quick dummies zine; sluggisha.blogspot.com; mediachrist.blogspot.com
Downloads: 4
[texts]BACONAISSE-S & M HUNTER split cdr - G O D
part of a 7 cd box set,BACONAISSE and 7 other bands did 1 hour split cdrs. collect them all!go to http://sluggisha.blogspot.com ,for all the details!
[audio]BLOODPONIES - Universal Nerve Thing - G O D
3 wandering minstrel-like tracks ,that once again are culled from the same well as early David Jones (later name-change to Bowie ,as to distinguish himself from the singer of the then popular Monkees!) .Kinda sounds as if these tracks were recorded in the atmosphere shown in the cover art. Floating above the Earth in a tin can ,singing and playing away ,like there's no tomorrow (and maybe there's not!)...
Keywords: ACOUSTIC; bloodponies; david bowie; david jones; dylan houser; lady anthropophagus unincorporated; lo-fi; minstrel; noise-pop; the monkees; universal noise thing; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 15
[audio]ONE FELL SWOOP - Live! at the Corkscrew Ranch ,Ft. Myers ,Florida ,3/21/1992 - G O D
This is the second to last show by these guys (the next day was our final gig at Serena's ,a rock/metal club in Cape Coral ,but more on that later!) We were first to play in a line-up of over 10 bands ,our first time with a bass player ,Vance Burdge ,helping us out. The music sounds top-notch ,but we were out doors ,and the P.A. system was not loud enough to catch most of the vocals.Pictured above is beautiful, royal palm-lined McGregor Blvd...
Keywords: alt-rock; cape coral; cheez metal; chipmonk; college rock; corkscrew ranch; ed j; ft. myers; FTM; hair bands; joel rizzo; live gig; ofs; one fell swoop; serenas; vance burdge; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 13
Another guy from Quick Dummies zine ,out of N.O. ,LA , his art is something else! He started doing these flyers at age 15 ,for headlining acts and local bands. A few examples above,the rest are in the zip file below , in glorious PDF format ,for your copying pleasure! All Hail Bill Heintz !
Keywords: art; bill heintz; flyers; louisiana; new orleans; quick dummies zine; sluggisha.blogspot.com; mediachrist.blogspot.com
Downloads: 7
[audio]JALOPY FIVE -8 Days A Week b/w BOBBY BROOKS -She's Come Of Age - G O D
Yeah so side 2 isn't a Beatles tune.But,side 1 is!A terrible version of an early Beatles song
Keywords: bobby brooks; hit records; jalopy five; single; the beatles; sluggisha.blogspot.com
Downloads: 17
[texts]McMURDERA - Super Size EP - G O D
BIG BUTCHA under a new moniker ,"McMurdera" ,rappin' all about fast food ,Mc Donald's specifically.teenage kid gangsta rap tardcore! this shit will make you shoot your thick shake out your nostrils!It's funny as hell ,and we all know that hell is fucking hilarious!get out your uzi ,eat all your fries ,and enjoy this remedy for pink slurm burgers! corporate death burger!
[image]BUZZ WORKSHOP -Pollinator - G O D
Ed,Joel Rizzo,Tall Ray,and Mike Smith,on 4/28/1996,live at Club 5455,in Crime Manor.A lot of good was done on this day.A great recording,and a Zappa cover of,"Dumb All Over". "Buick MacKane",by T.Rex ,is also covered."Opening Number",is the eleventh song on this thing,and it would be a fine song to open a set with.Lots more great stuff,I could go on all nite about how great these guys are,although ,they are hardly ever downloaded.You people don't know what you're missing,I'll tell you what!
Keywords: 1996; club 5455; crime manor; ed j; frank zappa; joel rizzo; mike smith; t.rex; tall ray; ray surinck; sluggisha.blogspot.com
Downloads: 10
[image]WHORESHACK - s/t debut - G O D
In light of the recent passing of Ron Palillo ,a/k/a Horshack ,I am posting the last few Whoreshack releases. This is the debut tape ,recorded live at The Bakery ,March 13,1993. Ed handles guitar and vocals,Billy on guitar,and Mike on drums.Mostly experimental instrumentals ,Whoreshack was the local version of the Ventures (if they were raised on punk rock ,and started their group in the 1990's)I've posted all the tapes ,backwards to forwards ,from the 6th release ,to this first one here.The pos...
Keywords: ed j; billy drake; mike smith; vance burdge; instrumentals; Surf; the ventures; experimental; industrial; live; bakery; sluggisha; sluggisha.blogspot.com; mediachrist.blogspot.com
Downloads: 93
A compilation of found tapes ,mostly kids ,tho' there is an old man on here doing the longest track. Lots of funny stuff ,the only place you'll ever hear "The Cheese Band" , and kids like Charlie & Todd ,who sound like they're having a blast! Please, enjoy this comp. ,it's a whole mess of fun entertainment! And a found picture makes for the cover!
Keywords: found pictures; found tapes; funny; humor; kids; old man; the cheese band; media christ; sluggisha
Downloads: 20
[audio]MURDER 1 - Break These Chains / Interview on WSOU - G O D
This band consists of 4 New Jersey , guido, meatheads ,with dumb names ,sounding as if Skid Row went punk. The interview consists mostly of talk about porn and it's stars. These guys are real meatballs. Their publishing company is Goombah Music , so you tell me! Fuckin' dweebs!! Nice back cover ,tho'!
Keywords: sluggisha.blogspot.com; sluggisha; G O D; dumb; guido; meatballs; meatheads; metal; murder 1; new jersey; porn; porn stars; skid row; taylor reiss
Downloads: 6
[audio]GAINMAS - Loduten - G O D
Dylan's beautiful drone band. This is split into 3 untitled pieces ,which together form the symphony , Loduten. The first part is mellow drony goodness ,the second piece is teetering on the edge of controlled feedback ,and the third chunk is ethereal in it's ringing drone tone. Another fine product from Dylan's, Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated imprint. Once again ,real thinking man's music.
Keywords: drone; dylan houser; ethereal; feedback; gainmas; guitar noise; lady anthropophagus unincorporated; loduten; noise-pop; ringing; thinking man's music; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 22
The first and last ever ,live gig by Whoreshack. We were third choice openers since the band Deadbone ,who was originally scheduled to open ,had their drummer die on them ,the second choice opening band ,Turd Thermos ,were all school kids ,who could'nt play because they got caught skipping school ,and most of the band was grounded. So we opened for Conveyor and Big Bong Theory ,thoroughly trashing the audience with our huge cocks!We were a hard act to follow ,baiting the audience with an almost ...
Keywords: whoreshack; billy drake; ed j; vance burdge; mike smith; instrumentals; live gig; the coffee house; sluggisha.blogspot.com; noise; downtown; ft.myers; cindy bruce
Downloads: 94
[audio]WGOD 49.28 - 1/15/1994 - G O D
Another 90 minutes of punk rock and alternative songs ,hosted by G O D! Fred (Jeff McDonald ,not formerly of Redd Kross) is the special guest ,and Sean Fleck ,vocalist for Divided We Stand ,says a few words about his band's song in the Sluggisha/locals set. Enjoy ,Oi ,and Anarchy!!! Oi Oi!!!! Here's the list!! REDD KROSS -Miss Lady Evans T.REX - Let's Dance THE DWARVES - Smack City,U.S.A. SUPERSUCKERS - Tasty Greens STRAIGHT YOUTH - X On My Hand 7 SECONDS - Out Of Touch FRANK SINATRA - Same Old ...
Keywords: alternative; divided we stand; fred; GOD; godcast; jeff mcdonald; pirate radio; podcast; punk rock; radio; redd kross; sean fleck; underground; wgod; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 35
[image]W.G.O.D. 49.25 - 01/01/1994 PODCAST!! - G O D
I have a lot of shit going on right now ,so I leave you this weekend ,with a classic W.G.O.D. podcast from the 90's. Playing music that was current at the time ,as well as some classics ,and a small locals set.This is prior to having my liners and drops and studio identification ,as recorded by my pal ,Doug Shannon ,oldies dj extrordinaire. Clocking in at a scant 90 minutes (which is usually par for any W.G.O.D...
Keywords: w.g.o.d; w.g.o.d.studios; sluggisha.blogspot.com; radio show; pirate radio; UNDERground radio; punk rock; alt-rock; podcast; godcast
Downloads: 137
[audio]60 Minutes Of Unlistenable Crap - 3-Way Split CDR - G O D
This is cool!! From a huge package I recieved from Dylan a few weeks back ,this 3-way split is pretty interesting. Konig is Dan Charge ,of the classic noise band Deche Charge ,running around the living room ,yammering ,and listening to several ,many different musics ,while his room mates were asleep. An eye (er ,ear?) opening experience,to be sure. Fanahan is Dylan on lunch break ,kinda quiet sounds ,maybe some tapping on a table ,or a soda bottle cap? Weird...
Keywords: dan charge; deche charge; dylan houser; fanahan; hell garbage; konig; lo-fi; noise; shitcore; split; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 18
[audio]VARIOUS ARTISTS - Live St. Patrick's Day at the Swamp III 2012 - G O D
4 bands ,JAKE JOYCE,SEVERED VEIN,G.A.T. ,and THE DIRTY HEELS ,play several varieties of music ,from acoustic folk/punk ,to black metal ,to pop punk ,to sultry oldies styled numbers ,recorded live in Michigan at a living room St. Patty's Day party! great suff from all bands ,on BROWN BEAR RECORDS.
Keywords: jake joyce; g.a.t; severed vein; the dirty heels; danielle knorrek; sluggisha.blogspot.com; brown bear records; live gig; acoustic folk/punk; black metal; pop punk; oldies; sultry; sexy; st. patricks day; covers; operation ivy; rancid; the clovers; chuck berry
Downloads: 51
[audio]SISTER RAY -No Way To Express - G O D
From the wasteland called ,Youngstown,Ohio,comes this rollicking,rockin' band,courtesy of Joel's discard pile (Thanks,buddy!).Try to find info on these guys on the web!There is none!A song titled "A Day In The Life",is not The Beatles song.Maybe Joel will tell more about these guys,in the comments box!?!
Keywords: sluggisha; sluggisha.blogspot.com; G O D; alt rock; joel rizzo; ohio; sister ray; the beatles; youngstown
Downloads: 28
[audio]028DIYChurch_#27tipsypoodlStudio - G.O:D
Dr. Oswald van de Loo and Jokey Joker live from van de Loos homebase the Tipsypoodle Studio, with a special guest from far away and sweets and a broadcast from the past live out of the future.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Dr. Oswald van de Loo; Jokey Joker; Tillman; Sweets; Base; Tipsypoodle; studio; Uni; future; chill out
Downloads: 18
[audio]104DIYChurch_End titles, come on!(9pmBarversion) - G.O:D
Last show of the year with Zimmer and the end titles of the year 2011. Live from O´ Tannenbaum-Berlin
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; O´ Tannenbaum Berlin; Zimmer; Endtitles; Come on; 2011; Barversion
Downloads: 49
[audio]114DIYChurch_cutz'n'bitz_all that which was short was taken - G.O:D
cut up collage of material somehow more or less produced and recorded in connection with the readioshow --- all that which was short was taken
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Verweisung; Interview; Room111; Music; 114; talented; listener; stream; tape; tomorrow
Downloads: 27
[audio]054DIYChurch_erotique Anarchists in atomic Chaos - G.O:D.
a new serial called: erotique anarchists in atomic Chaos. In collaboration with the great Voodoo-Psychobilly Jimmy Trash. The main idea of the concept is to invite a lot of different musicians/ composers & conductors ( only the best good & loved ones). They are advised to compose a song which they can easy teach to a room full of musicians/ composers & conductors of different levels. After teaching they will perform the song live on the radio and so on......
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Jimmy Trash; Billy!; Andreas Stoiber; Krach
Downloads: 57
Tardcore punk at it's best/worst! From the New England area ,this trio of fools ,plays 7 cruddy tunes ,including a mockery of Metallica (Metalikka Song) , a Hank Williams cover (Long Gone Lonesome Blues) ,a filthy song from a Spongebob Squarepants episode (FUN) ,and a few originals, some of which are re-makes of songs from previous releases. Instruments include electric guitar ,trumpet ,and vokills! Worth a drunken listen...
Keywords: hank williams; ice cream sandwich shit head; kurt cobain; metallica; new england; punk; spongebob; squarepants; tardcore; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 58
[audio]Kaagootaabaa & His Christian Band - No Cussin - G O D
John Kaagootaabaa sings on these couple of tracks ,that are both just over 2 minutes each. His reborn again christian pal ,Johnny ,plays guitar. The first number is a psych/blues workout ,while the second track starts out sounding almost oriental in nature ,and instrumentally like a keyboard ,but soon evolves into a blues rocker. Vocals are distorto-flanged on both ditties. This is a neat diversion ,on the way to the next full-length Kaagootaabaa album.
Keywords: alt rock; blues; john; johnny reborn; kaagootaabaa; n.c; north carolina; psych; SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM
Downloads: 11
[audio]037DIYChurch_CANOU - G.O:D
CANOU are Michael Northam, Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky. It's Michaels and Francescos 2nd visit at the church. And they mangaged again to play an impressive set balancing between time you can hear and films you can't see. And in the 2nd half of this episode, listeners & guests were allowed to come over to the Church Studio to participate.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Michael Northam; Francesco Cavaliere; marcel Türkowsky; Delay; psych; o
Downloads: 109
[audio]034DIYChurch_softwaretestedit - G.O:D
xtra feature from the DIYCHurch home 4h of Zimmer and DJ SHlucht with software tests, some cool tunes and again a software test. very experimental and extensive.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Software; Test; Zimmer; DJ SHluchT
Downloads: 30
[audio]018DIYChurch_jokey_Jokers_room#prt1 - G.O:D.
DIY Churchs first episode from Jokey Jokers room with E-Plex as studio guest& JanJan and a lot of efx. again the lousy cables ah and an xtra xtralong show.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; E-Plex; JanJan; alles; Aliens; Bag; Bio; feedback; unrap; DJ; Oswald; van; de; Loo; Jokey; Joker
Downloads: 19
[audio]148DIYChurch A Titan Called Cementimental - G.O:D
The Tim Drage show. ha ha Cementimental aka Tim Drage at the church of DIY. Broadcasted from an office somewhere in the south east of London. Tim is noisician, surrealist, animator & organiser within the Transient Constellations for weird events in London. In this show he is performing, talking and also playing a lot of tapes he cumulated over the years. enjoy.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Cementimental; Apiary Studios; old Tapes; Noise; Tim Drage; Spite Your Face Productions; Transient Constellations; London; Harsh
Downloads: 52
[audio]027DIYChurch_SurrealisticWorkstation - G.O:D
1 h delay @ the DIY Church, cause of the financial situation we had to work oll day long and arrived one hour later in a pretty surrealistic studio with nearly no clothe on.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Dr. Oswald van de Loo; Jokey Joker; work; surreal; mash up; workstation; Deutsch; Bank; delay
Downloads: 17
[audio]004DIYChurch_RoyalPregnantCelebreties - G.O:D-
4th DIY Church on Radio23.org in this episode Dr. Oswald van de Loo is coming to late from work, Charly Joker is Royal and schlucht somehow became pregnant. there are also 2 celebreties first one is prince Rollo(B.Downey)AkA Mr. Perkins the son of King Rollo & the church of gorgeous Taps spontaneously dropd by. a lot of church vibez,peace
Keywords: Royal; pregnant; Celebreties; Chaos; church of gorgeous taps; DIY Church; Mr. Perkins; Brad Downey; Glasinstitut; Dr. Oswald van de Loo; Charly Joker; Dj Schlucht; Gen; Deamon; Jay-z; Facebook; Genevieve
Downloads: 29
[audio]226DIYChurch_Antibiotika - G:O;D
the grumpy dj on Penicillin
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; 226; Antibiotika; antibiotica; Penicillin; UK; USA; Grumpy Dj; the; zimmer; Bloody Mary (cocktail)
Downloads: 39
[audio]174DIYChurch_Protocol of the 5th monday - G.O:D
its a 5th monday mix from the managers kitchen....including an interview with Tore Honoré Bøe about his acoustic laptops, various radio and non radio tracks / mixes, another interview with SMERSH and a music selection in between mixes from PAS-Music. happy 5th monday....
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Mix; 5th; Monday; DJ; acoustic laptop; Origami republika; DADA; SMERSH; Human; PAS Music; Ambient; Jan; SUPERdeutsch
Downloads: 18
[audio]171 DIYChurch Vanished Shift - G.O:D
This episode of DIY Church starts with a dinner. good ol dinner party and in the second half Pierce Warnecke & Christoph Limbach are improvising with tapes, mics & circuits. bon appetit
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Fieldrecording; Pierce Warnecke; Christopher Limbach; Emitter 19; Dinner; Quark; EMITTER MICRO FESTIVAL; 2013; Berlin; 171
Downloads: 13
[audio]149 DIY Church Ruins Opfern Krüger - G.O:D
Ruins of Krüger, die 5-köpfige Hydra wird in den knappen 2 Stunden den Fokus auf die eigene Geschichte und auch die eigene Distanz verschieben und nähern. Dabei gehts um die Manson Family, Friedrich Krüger den V., die brodelnden Aufnahmen und die Besinnung auf Basisdemokratie. Ruins of Kruger, the 5-headed hydra will move in the short two hours closer focus on their own history and their own distance and...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Ruins of Krüger; Manson Family; Indie; Berlin; Music; Radio; Internet; 149; Friedrich Krüger; Micro; democracy; SK1
Downloads: 51
[audio]137DIYChurch_Wolfgang Müller (alias Úlfur Hróðólfsson) - G.O:D
Cammisa F. Buerhaus & DIY church interviewing Wolfgang Müller at the Kinderhook & Caracas Gallery. Wolfgang Müller, born Wolfsburg 1957 - lives in Berlin. Artist, Curator, Writer, Iceland-expert, Elf-explorer and co founder of Die Tödliche Doris. Die Tödliche Doris was german avant- garde performance/ art group which was active in West-Berlin for seven years, between 1980 and 1987. In 1982 Wolfgang Müller published a very interesting book called Geniale Dilletanten in which he named a certa...
Keywords: DIYCHurch; Radio23; Room111; Kinderhook & Caracas; Cammisa F. Buerhaus; Wolfgang Müller; Talk; Úlfur Hróðólfsson; Tödliche Doris; Berlin
Downloads: 42
[audio]064DIYChurch_ Dive Bombers - Frieder Butzmann liest einen Text aus Andy Warhols Zeitschrift "Interview" - G.O:D
Frieder Butzmann at DIYChurch, an interview, a text from Andy Warhols " interview" magazine some new records and a release by Zensor in 1992 called "Dive Bombers".
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Frieder Butzmann; Dive Bombers; Daylight saving; Andy Warhol; Interview; Zensor; reel to reel
Downloads: 57
[audio]130DIYChurch Brutal Happy CoCo - G.O:D
mit COCO das ist der aufbau so ungefähr.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; CoCo; brutal happy tapes; bei roy; amps
Downloads: 40
[audio]043DIYChurch_TheLondonThing - G.O:D
DIY Church from London/ Hackney Wick. A special Audio Visual Radioshow. our first public one. From Sculpture´s appartment, with sculpture and der warst.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Sculpture; Dan Hayhurst; Reuben Sutherland; London; Hackney Wick; Tape; Animation; circuit bend
Downloads: 29
[audio]058DIYChurch_Nachtschattengewächs (solanaceous herb) & Neolithikum spec. with Floris Vanhoof - G.O:D.
Klaas Hübner, a young, tall, tattooed man will perform his composition " Nachtschattengewächs" & Floris Vanhoof also a young man,tall & don´t know if he is tattooed but at least he is interested in fossils and makes films, sounds & exhibitions about them. Neolithikum Berlin is an ongoing serial fathoming individuals being confronted with the hallway of the DIY Church Home. Some of the projects will be audible and can be heard in our regular show, others are visual & will be exhibited like in ...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23. Klaas Hübner; Floris Vanhoof; Nachtschattengewächs
Downloads: 31
[audio]023DIYChurch_DullKnives - G.O:D.
a musical journey through the chambers of Dull Knives. with Dull knives aka. Henk Fischbein, Dr. Oswald van de Loo and Dj SchluchT.
Keywords: DIYChurch; 23; Radio 23; Kindertag; Synth; Dull Knive; Henk Fishbein; DJ; Dr. Oswald van de Loo; Schlucht; mirror talk
Downloads: 13
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